The latest injectable import seems to be the cocktail party topic du jour. And with so many newcomers, there’s plenty to talk about. Isolagen, a collagen-producing filler derived from one’s own tissue is the latest favorite of London’s shot set. First, doctors extract cells from a non-sun-damaged part of the body (most often from behind the ear), then “culture” them to create collagen to plump up wrinkles. Isolagen is also said to be more low maintenance than other treatments – you need far fewer injections (three per year) than you do for fat transfers and collagen (as often as every two to three months). Soon there will be little need for the Isolagen-curious to jump the pond, as the company plans stateside clinical trials for the FDA approval within the next year. Previous U.S. studies by the company found that 900 patients who underwent the procedure reported no side effects.

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