On Vehicular Accidents: Is There A Need For An Accident Lawyer?

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Road traffic accidents are very common anywhere in the world. According to World Health Organization’s 2015 global status on road safety, these accidents claim 1.25 million per year.

Usually, minor dents, scratches, and other not so threatening damages won’t really require you to seek the help of an accident lawyer. However, when you find yourself in a more serious situation, you might have to run to your attorney.

Basically, the following are the most common situations where an attorney’s assistance might be the best thing to seek. Take note, the perspective taken on in this article is that of the victim.

Serious Injuries or Death

If the accident has only caused you minor scratches and abrasions, you may skip seeing a lawyer. However, if it has led to serious injuries that may adversely affect your way of living for a long time or permanently, you will have to be fairly compensated and this should not be that difficult with the help of a lawyer. More so, if death is involved in the situation, automatically, a lawyer would need to represent your side.

Contested Fault

If the party at fault has no problems of acknowledging and fairly compensating for their accountability, there’s not much need for an attorney. On the other hand, if the fault is contested, the case might have to be investigated some more and you might have to take it to court. Here, you will definitely require the skills and knowledge of a legal professional.

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Insurance Issues

In situations wherein one or more of the parties involved is/are uninsured, you should immediately find yourself a car accident or motorcycle accident lawyer. Although many auto companies will offer coverage for motorists that are uninsured, chances are it won’t be enough to cover the damages. Hence, hire an attorney to help in the lawsuit for money damages.

Heavy Expenses

If the damages caused by the accident is costing you way beyond the line, get help from an attorney. Regardless if it’s damages to your car or medical bills, for instance you’ll be needing fibrocell treatments, if the amount is too difficult to handle by yourself, you’ll need a legal representative.


If you find yourself experiencing any of the situation above, do not hesitate to call for help from a lawyer. Furthermore, the services of a lawyer could also be applicable for some parties who want to conveniently deal with serious accident cases. Of course, hiring them for convenience is only a suitable choice for those who can easily afford the services of a legal professional.

You want to make sure that the lawyer you hire is someone who specializes on accidents. If not, just make sure they are completely knowledgeable and heavily familiar with the laws surrounding vehicular accidents.