The Main Advantages of Driving an SUV Over A Sedan

advantages of SUV

Potential car buyers may go through a stage where they must decide what type of vehicle they should go for. The debate between going for a sports utility vehicle (SUV) or choosing a sedan is almost never ending in the world of cars. This SUV-sedan issue is way more highlighted than deciding whether or not to purchase a sports car instead.

As for this article, however, we are going to focus more closely on the main advantages that SUVs offer potential buyers or renters. As we all know, deciding which type of car to go for is important in the sense that buying a car is no joke; it entails thousands of dollars and it is not like buying a new pair of shoes which you can easily toss around if you find out that the pair is quite uncomfortable for your feet. Here, buying a car is somewhat making a not-so-temporary decision since cars may be used for long periods of time.

Hence, before you decide whether or not to purchase or rent an SUV in Miami or even anywhere else, you must first know the benefits it brings to potential buyers and even their families.

Benefits of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Four-wheel Drive

What is great about SUVs is the fact that these vehicles feature a four-wheel type of drive. With this, they are much safer when driving on roads even during bad weather conditions. Even roads which are rocky or bumpy cannot stand in the way of SUVs.


Like sports, you also have to take into account safety measures. In this case, you must look into how safe are SUVs.

Since SUVs are greater in terms of height, as it is higher on wheels, and width as compared to the sedan or other smaller cars, this characteristic is linked to more guarantee of safety. For instance, cases of flood, SUVs would definitely survive more than lower cars. Still, this does not mean that SUV drivers are free to drive recklessly; SUVs have been found to have the potential to roll over and for this, drivers must still drive with due care.

inside view of SUV


One of the ultimate advantages SUVs bring into the picture is its room. Unlike sedans which usually only houses a maximum of 5 people; SUVs are designed to accommodate a couple more heads as it has greater room. That said, SUVs make a great choice for families especially those with more than 5 members.

Naturally, SUVs also become very useful when relatives or friends need to be accommodated. And it’s not just about carrying more people from one place to another; SUVs can also handle much more cargos than smaller cars. Hence, in the event where you need to transport large or many equipment, SUVs come in very handy.

Towing Capacity

Another salient feature of an SUV is its capacity to tow other cards. This is an additional advantage which may actually become very useful at some point in time. Although it is not everyday that you have to tow another car, there may still come a day where your SUV can lend a helping hand to other vehicles.